Blog Topics - The Importance of a Well-Formulated Blog

There is no doubt about it, blogging is an important subject matter today. But when you ask businesses for their feedback on the subject, you get one of two answers:

 1. I don’t know what blogging is or why I should do it.

 2. I know I should blog but simply don't have the time.

So why should you blog in the first place? And why is content so important today? To answer these questions, you must think about the target user (or persona) of a major search engine like Google.

Google cares primarily about user experience. The one thing they can’t afford is for people to have a poor experience on their platform, resulting in those people going elsewhere, and not using their platform again.

Blog topics and inbound marketing

Previously, you could get to the top of the Search Engines Ranking Page (SERP) by stuffing your page with keywords and getting back links from anywhere, even if they were completely unrelated to your niche market segment.

In fact, there was quite the "black hat" business online in the selling of links, known as link farming, where site creators "shortcutted" hard work and took full advantage of this approach to optimisation. The result was something Google couldn’t stand for - a reduction in users!

With their latest algorithms, Google has become expert at sniffing out who is excellent at creating good quality and relevant content on their sites, and the evidence is there for all to see in search results.

So why should you publish to a blog on a regular basis? Think about it like this: you go to an event and there is a speaker there who draws a crowd. He or she not only has a keynote speech, but is also available in various breakout sessions and workshops. Wouldn’t it be fair to say they are an authority figure on their subject?

People will gravitate to that speaker because they have a lot to say, and that speaker will draw a crowd because of the quality of what they say.

A second example I like is of the University Library - the more they publish on a subject, the more authoritative they are on that subject.

Imagine that topic is quantum physics and imagine Stephen Hawking recognises some of your publications by referencing them - your research has just become even more notable! You become a thought leader.

Am I making sense? Well, the analogy simply refers to:

  • Number of relevant, well-researched blog posts
  • Number of back links from external sources that rate your content

That is how you get ahead, and there is both bad and good news. The bad news is that there are no shortcuts today. The good news is that this is where we hand hold you through the process of becoming that thought leader online.

Get Focused researches and helps you write blogging topics and the content to post on your website - we can write the blogs for you too. As 99% of web visitors will do nothing, your blog creates valuable information that develops your business into the relied-upon expert. 

The topics developed demonstrate your knowledge to your existing and potential customers. They will also hit your keywords for each topic and will be search engine optimised to increase targeted traffic.

This is because the key is to teach - don’t try to sell - and add value to your buyer pain points by way of excellent content.

Think about it this way: Imagine giving away driving lessons on your website for free. A good idea? Well, yes, if you will find out that people want to drive, and you actually sell cars!                                                     Free Web Audit