What is Inbound Marketing? How Do I Achieve My Marketing Objectives?Get_Focused_on_Marketing_Inbound_Methodology.jpg

  • Buyers tend to shy away from more direct forms of marketing these days; actually folks are allergic to being sold to.
  • Rather than adding to the noise, it’s all about adding value to potential customers' research phase. Always be helpful.
  • Inbound Marketing refers to the process of attracting prospective clients using online content: essentially your website becomes a magnet.
  • The content comes in the form of information posted by your business that the potential client is searching for to inform and support in their decisions.
  • Think of your website as a high-street shop. Your display window is filled with quality goods (content) to attract potential customers (clients) inside. Once they show some interest in an item (a lead), you engage with them and ultimately show them that your products can satisfy their needs. You can change your window display to attract other potential customers, if you know your buyer personas.
  • Inbound Marketing uses blogs, social media, podcasts, SEO, video, ebooks and many more tools to reach that targeted audience.

At Get Focused we work with you to create a custom Inbound Marketing strategy for your business. We show you how to implement and maintain the marketing plan, including a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks. Oh, and we’re accountable to you at every step! Each month we analyse the results and continue with what is working and revise what could work better.

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