Campaign Management

Compelling Call-to-Action & Email Marketing Campaign Management

People search online for information about a problem or challenge they want to overcome: they want to identify and put a name on their problem, find out how to overcome or solve it, and they want to find the best product or service to provide that solution. In order to provide this solution, you need to know certain things about them so that you can direct your marketing strategy towards them effectively.

Offering a mutual information swap through a compelling Call-to-Action, or CTA, brings you that information. We can create a number of different means by which your potential customers will provide their information: a free report, whitepaper or video, for example, containing the information they seek to download in exchange for their details and contact email.

There is an exchange of content for contact information. Following on from that and in order to build stronger relationships with your potential customers, we create regular emails to communicate information about your business to those prospective customers.

If you have an existing database, we incorporate that into the overall database and segment the information into specific buyer personas in order to enhance targeted email campaigns.


We will provide in-depth training for your staff so you have a complete understanding of the process we use at Get Focused. Part of the training will be online, with the provision of training materials and one-to-ones with the digital manager from Get Focused assigned to your business.

Social Media

Social Media is an all-encompassing term for every type of platform where people online communicate with each other. There is no way to be active on them all and no reason to. Like the placement of an advertisement in a newspaper, you pick the paper that fits your potential customer. Thats what we do in Get Focused: we find out where your customers are talking to each other online. Once we have decided that, we discuss how we will reach out to them on your behalf. Digital marketing and inbound marketing in particular is based on how we use those platforms to communicate with that particular audience and tell them about you: Who you are, where you are and why they should take a look. The great thing about digital marketing is that it is great value for money and extremely flexible. With a relatively small budget and great ideas you can try numerous “campaigns” and see what really works for your customers.


Looking at the numbers we get from various reporting tools like Google Analytics, we prepare weekly, monthly and, where required, daily reports. In these reports we analyse the results and discuss what changes are required to improve our campaigns or a particular KPI that we are chasing for our client. The real skill is understanding what those numbers mean in relation to that campaign and then have the know-how to enhance those results. As part of the training that comes with working with Get Focused, we arrange a full training course to any of your staff who have an interest in learning about analytics and particularly Google Analytics.

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