Keyword Research is a Vital Part of Every Online Presence

Keyword research is a major element of Inbound Marketing. It can't just be considered in isolation, it must be considered in the context of your overall objectives and strategy. A comprehensive inbound journey begins with your target persona i.e. your perfect customer. This is the nitty gritty of putting yourself in your customer's shoes. This process will uncover your persona's problem areas and the "Keyword" phrases they use to address these problem areas. The process maps out as follows: 

Step 1:  Define your Persona

Step 2:  Brainstorm your Keyword Universe 

Step 3:  Marry Step 1 & Step 2 

Step 4:  Uncover keyword opportunities and pick the right battles

Step 5:  Create a Content Calendar to reach your audience over a consistent timeline

We interweave those keywords within content-rich copy. The research helps to understand how potential customers are looking for your service or product and directly engages with that persona, always keeping in mind where they are on the buyer's journey. The process itself is very iterative in nature and is one that takes considerable time, as any good robust keyword strategy should. Step 4 is key, as there is little or no value in trying to rank for a term there are thousands of others competing for. We'll demonstrate to you with effective toolsets how you can realise return from "Low Hanging Fruit" and map out a scalable funnel from your site and keyword research. 

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