Social Media Management

So Why Do You Need To Be Social?

Social Media is an all-encompassing term for any type of platform where people online communicate with each other. There is no way to be active on them all, and no reason to. Like the placement of an advertisement in a newspaper, you pick the paper that fits your potential customer.

Social Media Management

At Get Focused, we find out where your customers are talking to each other online. Once we have decided that, we discuss how we will reach out to them on your behalf. Digital marketing and inbound marketing in particular are based on how we use those platforms to communicate with that particular audience and tell them about you: Who you are, where you are, and why they should take a look. The great thing about digital marketing is that it is great value for money and extremely flexible.

We create a social media pitch for your platforms and update or build social media profiles. We provide tweets, Facebook and LinkedIn updates to post throughout the month. We post these tweets & updates online each business day and monitor the responses, bringing to your attention any leads and possible business opportunities that you can follow up with.

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