Submitting Your Site Web Directories

1. Think of The Why First

  • It is never as simple as just listing in a directory and then waiting for the leads and customers to start flooding in. Web Directories can be an important part of your overall web strategy when your business is local. It's important to boil this down to your ideal persona and how they find you. Like most things you will hear us say, we'll always ask why first. 

2. How Does Your Persona Interact

  • Think about whether or not you want them to call you, or visit your shop if you are a retail business. Next, you will want to consider if they are likely to call you from their smartphone, having done a search, or perhaps know your opening hours if they are thinking of popping in! What you want to happen is that this information is available from the search result itself, not the visit to your page. Contact us to get this done!

3. The Submission Process

  • To make you visible here, we register your business on Google Places, Yelp and others so it is easier for potential customers to find your company online and place you on all current directory databases. This in turn helps drive traffic to your website and creates a full, consistent message across all your business profiles. 

Submitting web directory part of inbound marketing strategy