For A Website or SEO Audit To Work, You'll Need To Take Action

Let's start by looking at what a website audit is not: 

  • It shouldn't be just a term used to sound professional or brag to others about what you should do
  • It's not a magic trick that will bring visitors and leads

What it really is, is the first step in getting you to a sustained online strategy that facilitates growth.  

We provide a comprehensive point report that highlights how to improve your website, checks if you are mobile ready and that your website has social sharing capabilities. You will receive a list of actions that you can begin putting into action straight away.

Our Website Audit Process

Step 1: Begin with the end in mind - your goals for your website.Website Audit SEO

Step 2: We won't beat you over the head with technical jargon, but do tell you:

  • If you are sending the appropriate message to your audience in the market
  • What keywords you should consider to reach your target market
  • The trend for these keywords over time
  • Where these are, or are not, on your website, and where they should be
  • What elements of your website are not set-up to maximise your ability to serve these keywords in your market (remember keywords are only ways buyers express their pains in a search when looking to solve their pain)
  • What links are broken on your site right now, so you know how many you need to fix
  • If other people can find your, i.e. what external links are not actually linking to you at all?
  • When you do actually show up in the search engines, what the result itself looks like and how to improve this

Step 3: Read the appropriate technical information and action it. But, more importantly, understand how the feedback from an audit relates to the business goals.

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