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"We (Adaptive Metadata Technologies) are benefitting from the professional, responsive and timely services provided by the team at GetFocused. From the HubSpot COS website they designed through to the INBOUND marketing ideas and execution they offer us, I'd have to say 10/10 to GetFocused. We look forward to continued collaboration."

  Michael Sullivan, 
CMO - Adaptive Software


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"The team at GetFocused have provided Inkybee with vital commercial tools as well as strategic insights which are core to the company's expansion. As advisors to the board members, they led our sales and marketing effort to create operational readiness. The approach has always been systematic and intelligent and the entire team get my highest possible recommendation."

Mark Pfister
CEO, Chairman of The Integral Board Group - Inkybee


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"The Get Focused team are experts at INBOUND in every respect. They are single-minded in their vision to achieve ROI and achieve results from everything digital and content based. Their targeted approach and technical ability are exceptional."

Anthony Byrne
CEO - Product2Market


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